Cream of the Crop by Karen Wittmeyer


Note: *Pattern Featured in Primitive Quilts & Projects Fall 2016*

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The golden sun is setting earlier each passing day. The color of the leaves in the trees are transforming from their vibrant greens to bright oranges and yellows.

It's 1923. Autumn has come at last. The smell of damp earth lingers in the morning air as a light rain passed over a small field through the night.

The pumpkins are beginning to change from their greens and yellows to the bright oranges and reds. They'll be ripe and prime for picking in just a few weeks.

A lone scarecrow sits in the middle of this small field. He isn't new to the job. In fact, he's been watching over this field for almost 17 years. And it shows.

He is the lone watcher. His clothes are damp. Yet he has no fear. He protects what grows around him. And he will continue as long as the field needs him.

This new table top quilt by Karen Wittmeyer will bring the beauty of Fall into your home (life-sized scarecrow not included).

Dimensions: 18″ x 36″

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