Summer 2020

Summer is here! And that means, another Stitch Along for you! This Mystery Quilt is sure to bring joy into you and your loved one’s lives. Let’s go!

Week 1: Let’s Cut!

Week 2: Time to Sew

Week 3: Half Square Triangles

Week 4: Four Patch Blocks

Week 5: Tree Blocks

Week 6: Four Big Blocks

Week 7: Row of Trees

Week 8: Four More Big Blocks

Week 9: String of Stars & Checkerboard Forest


Spring 2020

Here you will find the links to the Stitch Along instructions as they’re released! Just click a link to view them and/or download.

Week 1: Getting Started

Week 2: Stitching Components

Week 3: Four-Patch Blocks

Week 4: Making Snowballs

Week 5: Triangle In A Square

Week 6: Sewing The Components

Week 7: Let’s Make Some Blocks

Week 8: Put It All Together!